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Yewande Komolafe’s 10 Essential Nigerian Recipes - NYTimes

Check out the New York Times today for a great article on Yewande Komolafe’s 10 Essential Nigerian Recipes. We love when West African food is highlighted and note that many of these recipes would taste great with our Sheto. Our favorite recipe featured - Jollof Rice. The article also talks about how Nigerians "don’t say a dish is spicy — we say it has pepper." This goes for Ghanaians too and for how shito is described. Shito translates to "black pepper" in Ga. and people often call it a black pepper sauce. Great quote from the article: There is a saying in Yoruba, one of the languages spoken by the people of southwestern Nigeria, that translates as “The soul that does not eat pepper is a dead soul.” Check out the article here.

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