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West African cuisine takes the stage on Top Chef

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Chef Eric Adjepong featured in Washington Post

We are so excited that the current season of bravo's Top Chef features first generation Ghanaian-American Eric Adjepong. Chef Adjepong has cooked in some of NYC’s premiere restaurants (two of which have Michelin Stars), was educated in culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University, and was even featured in People's Sexist Man Alive issue. In the first episode, Chef Adjepong uses Sheto in his cooking challenge! He makes a scallop dish with Sheto honey glaze that sounds absolutely delicious. Our favorite fact about him: he wrote a 60-page study of the Maggi Cube, a Nestle-made beef bouillon cube that is frequently used in Ghanaian cooking.

Check out this great Washington Post profile on Chef Adjepong!

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